Aspire Tracking are confident that we will have a cost effective professional Telematics Solution to meet your, individual budget, needs and business requirements.

We are fast becoming first choice for corporate fleet managers, large independents and SME Business throughout the UK. Our GPS Tracking solutions and bespoke software platform provides access to Realtime vehicle, lone worker and personal tracking 24/7 via the web.

Knowing where your vehicles, assets, drivers and employees are at all times, gives you the power to make important time and money saving decisions and in today's advanced telematics world, Aspire Tracking is continually helping to advance businesses like yours, through integrating GPS telematics & bespoke solutions, which in many cases can be integrated with your existing working procedures whilst showing transparency of services to your customers.

Our Trackers provide visibility into vehicle location, fuel usage, speed, mileage, and other insights into driver behaviour. At the same time as reducing operating and capital costs, while giving you the opportunity of boosting revenues.

If you have previously purchased vehicle tracking you will be mindful that the principal outlay is the locator unit. To help reduce this cost we work with many devices and will recommend where possible utilising your existing locator units to ensure the most economic costings are achieved.


With our online vehicle tracking system you can track your vehicles in real-time, anytime. The vehicle trackers report ignition on and off as well as the vehicles location at regular intervals and to accurately route your vehicles journey every turn by turn.  More...


Being able to monitor your driver’s behaviours and styles, will allow you to Improve the way your employees drive. This then has a considerable impact on your business by reducing costs, such as fuel expenditure, insurance and vehicle wear and tear, whilst enhancing levels of operational efficiency, environmental responsibility and duty of care. Furthermore, responsible and courtesy driving behaviour can help achieve better public perception of your business.  More...


Our vehicle tracking platform offers a detailed reporting suite with comprises a Trip, Mileage, Speed and Driver Behaviour report as well as Movement Report. All reports can be generated instantly online at any time and can be displayed either visually on a map or textually. The reports can be generated against either the Individual vehicle or driver and for specific datetime periods. ​More...


Knowing where your drivers have been and the exact route they drove not only improves route efficiencies but also identifies unauthorised stops and can provide evidence of the vehicles location at any date and time. The vehicles route is displayed visually and can be paused, rewind, and fast forward to quickly find the point of interest and can display multiple driver’s routes for comparison.   More...

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Live Streaming
Vehicle Camera Systems

The AT4000 is designed to fit into any vehicle where excellent quality video recording and live transmission are essential to fulfil live vehicle video management. The built-in modem and GPS chipset provides real time location information and live video streaming using a dedicated multi network SIM to the online platform.


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